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duminică, octombrie 15, 2006

Professional Development Resources

EUROCALL (http://www.eurocall-languages.org/)
I chose to review the European Association for Computer Assisted Language learning website, because I'm European :) and, with the knowledge accumulated in our CALL class, I can go back now at topics I didn't know anything about when living in Europe and make myself an opinion about the development and use (in the European context) of technology in language learning.
EUROCALL is a relatively young association (it was founded in 1993), which addresses and includes language teaching professionals not only from all over Europe, but also Canada, Australia, States etc. This organization has as one of its main goals to encourage research, development and practice relating to the use of technology for language learning.
The site of this organization is quite easy to browse and contains useful information about its goals, books and software reviews, a section dedicated to special interest groups (Natural Language Processing and Corpus CALL) and a pretty extensive resources section which includes an events' calendar, bibliography and courses offered in Europe and The United States, everything organized in different areas related to CALL. I also found useful the organization's journal, ReCALL Journal, and the fact that some issues, even if they are older ones, are available online, free of charge even for non members.
I think this is a good website to refer to frequently (I might even consider joining the organization in the future), because it contains CALL projects and events in the States while keeping me updated about what is happening in Europe for this matter and this will be useful if /when I'll decide to move back to Europe and work as a language teacher there.


Blogger Dan said...

I've heard many good things about EUROCALL. However, I couldn't check out the website because there's no link it :)

Kidding aside, it is a good organization and highly relevant not only in Europe, but around the world. It would be good for you to get involved with the group now and maybe this will aid your transition (i.e., get you a job) when you return to Europe.


17 octombrie, 2006 12:17  

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