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duminică, octombrie 29, 2006

Search Engines

My googling for search engines led me to choosing the following three:
SearchMash (http://www.searchmash.com/), a search engine operated by Google Inc.,
Dogpile (http://www.dogpile.com/) which, according to their policy, combines the sponsored, clearly identified, with non-sponsored web search results, depending on the typed search keys, and
Snap (http://www.snap.com/?source=google&campaign=snap&user_keyword) which wants to offer an alternative to the leading search engines, by introducing a few useful features like: results preview, anticipating one's intent, direct interactivity with the search results, and faster speed.
Although some search results were similar when typing "wikis education" in all three search engine, I think the best results were provided when using SearchMash. All first 5 results contained both search keys: "wikis" and "education" and all the websites found contained relevant information according to the search topic/words: Educause, a magazine that deals with the latest developments and trends in information technology and its' application in higher education, an Enciclopedia of Educational Technology which is a very informative site of the Educational Technology Department at San Diego State University, a website with resources about blogs, wikis, podcasting and their use in the classroom, an entry to the wikipedia, and a webpage with interesting resources in German, English and French about wikis, even though this site has last been updated in October 17, 2004.


Blogger Dan said...

It's interesting that you found Searchmash. I read about this a couple weeks ago. It is believed to be a testing service for Google's next generation of search. I wonder how Searchmash and Google would compare?


31 octombrie, 2006 04:03  
Blogger Christine Parker said...

Is Searchmash a Metacrawler or a Metasearch? Does it incorporate finding of many other search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc..? I know that you also choose dogpile to use which I believe is a Metasearch engine. I was going to use that but ended up using All the Web, Altavista and Ask Jeeves. What did you like about Searchmash that was different than Google? I am definitely going to check it out.

01 noiembrie, 2006 15:33  
Blogger Ioana said...

I think Searchmash is a Metasearch operated by Google. I liked that all the first findings (especially the first 5) were relevant to my search words "wiki education" (including both words) which doesn't always happen in the case of a search with the present version of Google.

12 noiembrie, 2006 13:28  

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