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duminică, octombrie 29, 2006

Website Evaluation

I found particularly interesting the website Encyclopedia of Educational Technology (http://coe.sdsu.edu/eet/Articles/wikis/index.htm) which is a project of the Department of Educational Technology at San Diego State University. This is a collection of short articles on a variety of topics dealing with instructional design, education and training. Here are some of the main categories under which the articles are grouped: cognition and learning, analysis, design, eLearning, learning strategies etc.
The EET addresses students and other individuals interested in these topics. Its authors are graduate students, professors and volunteer contributors. This website also contains an extensive bibliography containing numerous external links. Being hosted by an university, it doesn't contain any advertisement, and although it's not clear when it was last updated, it has a clear design and organization which facilitate its use.


Blogger Ellen Scott said...

This looks like a good collection of a variety of information (being an 'encyclopedia' and all!). I think I'll bookmark it for useful information later!

05 noiembrie, 2006 23:24  

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